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New BridgeSmart BSAutoCapture Suite bringing extraordinary efficiency to SAP, Oracle, ERP, Login, BPI, Project Management, Program Management and ROI for Small, Mid-Sized and Enterprise Business Software Solutions.



Single Point of Entry - Process Improvement.

Zero Impact.

Immediate ROI.

What would it mean for your Business?


TIME, LABOR & COSTS in Administration & Operations?

How's that possible?


By giving your People a UNIVERSAL



That,Quickly & Seamlessly, connects any Document to Multiple Servers

& Systems, in your Enterprise, the Cloud or across the Web.


What if it was as SIMPLE as 'Right-Click' Menus?

Download the 30-Day Free Trial of the New BSAutoCapture Suite

 to see how it can bring efficiency in SAP Oracle ERP Login BPI

Project Management Program Management and

Business Process Improvement for your Business

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What's more important to you: Saving Time, Labor or Money?

What are the BIGGEST wastes to your Business' Bottom Line: Time, Labor or Cost?  Possibly, all three.  Most of us spend an incredible additional amount of Time, Labor and Cost trying to figure out the 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'why' and 'how' of this dilemma that besets our Businesses; and if practical solutions exist to reclaim such.

While we continue to invest in bigger and better ERPs and Business Intelligent Solutions, convinced they'll make the changes we need, they never seem to resolve this particular problem...


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Logistics Operations Center


"We looked at many different systems during our research stage over a span of several years - some that cost less, some that cost more - but we were not impressed by any of them. SUNix gave us exactly what we needed, when No one else could. "

“To complement our audit and payable systems, SUNix developed a custom document scanning system for us. It takes carriers that don’t support EDI, but still use freight bills in paper format. SUNix’s BridgeSmart Intelligent Data Mining takes data and information from paper bills, converts it to EDI format and then auto populates our back-end systems in real time. Now, literally 100 percent of the bills that go through our audit system...

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85.24% Reduction in Labor; 677% Improvement in Productivity and ROI in 12.79 months

Once again, no matter how encompassing; ERP, Accounting and other core Business Systems, such as SAP, Oracle and other Business Intelligence Systems, they still need a little help in the periphery.  As powerful as they are, they just do not cover all the areas a Business may need.

Another Case Study

BridgeSmart completed an Intelligent Solution for over 20,000 Freight Bills per Month...

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Why Smart Data Bridges

SUNix Solution's Industry-Leading Smart-DataHUB has Now merged to become the even more Powerful New BridgeSmartTM.  SUNix has a long and successful history in leading the Industry as one of the most versatile comprehensive sets of Smart-SolutionwareTM available. Singularly encompassing the latest capacity to bring “Super Conduction, A.I. Smart Data Bridges”.

The new BridgeSmart is able to bring you Maximum ROI ~ Saving Time, Labor and Costs!

BridgeSmart's New BSAutoCapture Suite can bring efficiency in SAP Oracle ERP Login BPI Project Management Program Management and Business Process Improvement for your Business.

Here are just a few of the key differences:

  • Intelligently Capturing Data streams from previously disconnected Internal, External and Cloud Proprietary and diverse Operating Systems and Software; and via “Super Conduction, A.I.", automatically processing the Data with potentially no manual intervention required.
  • Capturing Email, Fax, FTP, Web, Scan and numerous other streams; then automatically processing the Data with potentially no manual intervention required.
  • Automatically Naming, Processing, Indexing and Storing those documents directly into our Powerful Industry-Commanding BridgeView!CMS (Content Management System) for quick and easy Intranet, Internet or Extranet access.
  • Utilizing our numerous Industry-Leading BridgePoint! modules BridgeSmart can automatically classify, extract, analyze, reconcile and integrate resulting Data from virtually unlimited sources into advanced process workflows, solutions and your specialized Business BI Processes.
  • Ensuring your BI Validation procedures are carried out, Adjudicating Data and processing 3-way matching against back-end Systems.
  • Initiating selected Business Process Workflows.
  • Initiating BridgePoint! synchronous Collaborative Business User Workflows and/or BridgePoint! asynchronous Managed and Custom Approval Systems.
  • Writing many back-end Databases and Software Systems.
  • Automatically routing Internally created documents, Externally created documents, Web portal documents, incoming Emails, Faxes, EDI, FTP, etc. to the correct Departments and Users with no manual intervention required.
  • Automatically and simultaneously Broadcasting Outputs via Email, Fax, Print, EDI, FTP, Website Portal and/or FileSecure with no manual intervention required.
  • Automatically processing, indexing and storing documents directly into most Proprietary Software with no manual intervention required.
  • Integrating previously disconnected manual processes.
  • Integrating previously disconnected Proprietary Software or Operating Systems used in running daily Business operations.

BridgeSmart effectively Lowers Overall Operating Costs by:

  • Connecting Data from various Incoming Sources; throughout your Systems; to various Destinations; via Smart Data Bridges.
  • Integrating disconnected Business Processes.
  • Replacing Manual Tasks and Processes.
  • Reducing Labor Cost.
  • Saving Costs Storing and Retrieving Critical Business Data.
  • Integrating Disaster Recovery Plans and Processes.
  • Providing Positive ROI recovering critical Business Dollars from manual, duplicated and wasted resources.

In simple terms: BridgeSmart's “Smart Data Bridges” New BSAutoCapture Suite can bring efficiency in SAP Oracle ERP Login BPI Project Management Program Management and Business Process Improvement for your Business.


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