Once approved, and with Development and Deployment complete, you will have a FULL 30 Days to evaluate your BridgeSmart Solution at NO-RISK or COST to you.

During the evaluation time, most modules, engines and processes

should be available for test—while the actual page count will be limitedThe Full system count, can be released anytime during or at the end of the 30-Day Trial Period, upon your 'green light' and 'go-ahead'.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with any part of your Solution, you can negotiate any changes you feel are needed to make it the ideal Solution for your Business. We want you to be Fully Satisfied.

If for any reason, you decide to cancel, you will immediately get ALL monies paid to SUNix for this Solution, in FULL.

So, feel free to see your BridgeSmart Solution in action. Test it. Make changes, if needed. Then LOCK in ALL your DISCOUNTS in 30 Days.