Who We Are

SUNix Solutions, main headquarters is located in Greer, South Carolina. We have 4 locations, 3 in South Carolina: headquarters in Greer, a development/support center in Greenville and another in Lyman; and 1 in Columbus, Ohio.

SUNix originally began in Columbus, Ohio in 1990. While we still maintain a small R&D group in Columbus, headquarters moved to Greenville in 2000.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Vision

SUNix is about Partnerships.

SUNix maintains many strong and Innovative Partnerships making its presence in the marketplace far more effective. SUNix utilizes these Partnerships far beyond marketplace presence to bring Industry-Leading Solutions and Support to our Clients.

SUNix Partners include many Top Technology Leaders, in the Industry, whose Synergy bring the most Innovative Total Solutions available, today. We see no other Solutions in the Industry that bring such total technological results being brought to the marketplace.

Of course, the most important Partnerships we have are with our Clients. We not only appreciate the opportunity to provide the Best Solutions for our Clients, but most importantly, we always value and look to build long-term Partnerships with them. This is not only proven in our integral ongoing support, but in Forward Thinking, Forward Looking and Forward Planning with them for their Future Needs, Concerns and Growth.

SUNix forms strategic partnerships with our Clients in discovery, development and timely deployment of exact solutions needed for Bridging Data from Capture to Assimilation into back-end Systems and beyond. SUNix BridgeSmart's unique Industry-Leading Intelligent Capture (IC), Intelligent Data Mining (IDM), Intelligent Merge (IM) and Intelligent Distribution (ID) modules are just several of the many modules central to enabling such solutions—which are only available in BridgeSmart.

SUNix's foundation of long-term partnerships with all our Clients is always causing us to look forward to continue to develop innovative solutions their needs for years to come.

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