Announcing the New BSAutoCapture Stand-Alone

The Life Blood of Operations are incoming/outgoing documents.  And in this day and age, almost all are Electronic.  [Even though paper documents still exist, most everyone wants to Scan them into electronic images, in hopes they become more usable.]

  1. Emails & Attachments
  2. Desktop Files
  3. Web Documents
  4. Faxed Documents -> Captured electronically & sent to Email
  5. Paper Documents -> Scanned into images
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What's more important to you: Saving Time, Labor or Money?

What are the BIGGEST wastes to your Business' Bottom Line: Time, Labor or Cost?  Possibly, all three.  Most of us spend an incredible additional amount of Time, Labor and Cost trying to figure out the 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'why' and 'how' of this dilemma that besets our Businesses; and if practical solutions exist to reclaim such.

While we continue to invest in bigger and better ERPs and Business Intelligent Solutions, convinced they'll make the changes we need, they never seem to resolve this particular problem...

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Discover How Self-Learning Systems are Driving New Levels of Efficiency and Cost Savings

The Age of Cognitive Computing and Rise of Business Process Automation. Where Self-learning Systems will lead to More Intuitive...

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Intelligent Capture Accelerates BPM and Unlocks Exponential Gains in Productivity

The future is bright for organizations committed to Business Process Management (BPM) and Automation; the Intelligent Capture of Information from unstructured data sources (like most business documents) is the KEY that can unlock exponential gains in productivity.

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What does BridgeSmart actually Cost? What could your Business actually Save?

BridgeSmartTM Solution costs can vary from the very cheap to what some might consider expensive. Yet, NONE have EVER proven expensive when in view of the ROI and Value-Added to the Company Bottom Line.

Let's start with the cheap.

With the current Limited-Time Offer, Companies can Save up to & get a 78.8% Discount off MSRP...

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5-Year Assurance Guarantee

Wouldn't it be incredible if you could invest in the latest and most powerful technology available, today—to improve your Operations and achieve great Savings—without worrying about the “what ifs” you upgraded or changed your ERP and/or Accounting Systems in the next 1 to 5 years?

Now it’s possible w/the Industry leading BridgeSmart 5-Year Assurance Policy Guarantee.

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Planes, Trains and Horse-Drawn Wagons

Managing or handling Operations could be analogous to moving critical business information from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic.  One Ocean of data to another Ocean of data and back again.  With only one "minor problem": 3,000 miles of land in-between!

In the evolution of Operations, that "land mass" has been traversed for generations by intensive manual labor, "on foot".  A long tedious process.

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New Assembly & Distribution (A/D) Engine

New, from the Industry Leaders in Real-Time Data Acquisition Processing in Operations Workflows, comes the, one and only, Industry Assembly and Distribution (A/D) Engine.

While Real-Time Data Acquisition Processing is Critical and Highly-Valued in most Operations; requests have been growing for something that goes beyond.

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Over-Promisers and Under-Deliverers

Have you met the "Over-Promisers" and "Under-Deliverers"?  Those who just "Talk the talk"?  Have you worked with them?  Have you been "Stuck" with the results?  If you have, you'll know exactly what I mean.

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30-Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Once approved, and with Development and Deployment complete, you will have a FULL 30 Days to evaluate your BridgeSmart Solution at NO-RISK or COST to you.

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Tripping over Dollars, Grasping at Pennies

Over the many years, whether your Business makes, sells, services or supports a product line, you know there are many times when you've just met the Clients' needs—which is fine.  Certainly nothing wrong with that.  But then, there are those special moments in time, when you know you've presented the most Synergistic Solutions for your Clients...

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Powerful New Low-Cost Workgroup BridgeView!CMS

The Truth versus Perception, as seen in, Our System versus Theirs.

Introducing our New 5, 10 and 25 user Workgroup version of our renowned Enterprise BridgeView!Content Management System (CMS).  Based on our Industry-Leading BridgeView!CMS Engine, one of the fastest most-powerful Document Management Systems available, today.

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