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The Life Blood of Operations are incoming/outgoing documents.  And, in this day and age, almost all are Electronic.  [Even though paper documents still exist, most everyone wants to Scan them into electronic images, in hopes they become more usable.]

  1. Emails & Attachments
  2. Desktop Files
  3. Web Documents
  4. Faxed Documents -> Captured electronically & sent to Email
  5. Paper Documents -> Scanned into images

Now that we have that flood of incoming Electronic Data, the 'Age old Question' is "What do we do with it?"

We have great Accounting Systems, ERP Systems, BI Systems, Internal Systems, etc.

But Most of these Powerful Systems have the same problem: how to Automate getting that Electronic Data into them, without error.


How are you getting them into those Systems now?


Drag and Drop?

Copy and Paste?

Scan into many 'half-organized' folders?


How’s that been working for you?


Efficiency or Failure?


Announcing BSAutoCapture Stand-Alone


In the heart of our BridgeSmart Intelligent Capture System is  BSAutoCapture.

BSAutoCapture allows you to quickly create Menus that empower your people to 'Right-Click' on Documents and Automatically send them directly into your diverse Enterprise Servers for Accounting, ERP, BI, Internal Systems, current or new workflows and more.

This capability has been integral to our Total BridgeSmart Solutions for many years.  But now, we've created  BSAutoCapture as a Stand-Alone System for ONLY $199 per workstation (or less in quantity).  Now your Systems can utilize the same Power of  Intelligent Capture previously only available to BridgeSmart Solutions.

If you have any questions concerning what  BSAutoCapture can do for your Business, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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Get the latest tool to obtain the greatest performance from your people to enhance your Business, with:

Cutting-edge Technology

Allowing users to FLAWLESSLY Input their Emailed, Faxed, Scanned, Desktop and Web data directly into your Business ERP, Accounting, Internal, BI Software Systems and workflows across the Enterprise.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless 'Right-Click' 'clearly-understood' Menus able to send data into all System hotfolders on unlimited Servers throughout your Enterprise.

Easy Cloud License Management

Deploy the way that works for your company, and dynamically add, remove, and reassign licenses  as  needed.



Watch the BridgeSmart BSAutoCapture Stand-Alone PowerPoint Presentation