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85.24% Reduction in Labor; 677% Improvement in Productivity and ROI in 12.79 months


Once again, no matter how encompassing; ERP, Accounting and other core Business Systems, such as SAP, Oracle and other Business Intelligence Systems, they still need a little help in the periphery.  As powerful as they are, they just do not cover all the areas a Business may need.

Another Case Study

BridgeSmart completed an Intelligent Solution for over 20,000 Freight

Bills per Month for Large Business Intelligence Company; utilizing a number of our Major Engines and Modules, including IC (Intelligent Capture), IDM (Intelligent Data Mining), IP(Intelligent Processing), II(Intelligent Integration), IM(Intelligent Merge) and ID(Intelligent Distribution).

Originally, those documents were handled, manually, by 8 in-house Auditors.  For those not familiar with Freight Bills, they are A/P Invoices on steroids.   A Freight Bill consists of 1 or more (very diverse) Invoice-Type pages and 0 to unlimited number of (any kind of) attachment pages—most Freight Bills average about 3 to 5 pages per Freight Bill.  Therefore, 20,000 Freight Bills, would contain about 60,000 to 100,000 (average 80,000) pages of Data that must be processed each Month.

To make things more intense for an automated system to handle, there are over 65,000 Freight Carriers in the US, alone, and NO ONE is the same.  These Bills come in via Paper (mailings), Email, Fax and EDI, and all needed automation.  And, like how many Companies operate, the Electronic Documents were being printed off, to then be scanned back in—costing double to triple the manual labor effort on those Docs.

Auditors needed to extract Data from the Invoice-Type pages, compare (match Data) to several Back-End Systems, key in the Data, scan in and then attach the scans into their BI System in 3 separate parts: 1st the full Freight Bill, 2nd the Invoice page(s), only, and then 3rd the Attachment page(s) needed to be FTP'ed into a Client User access area of the Company website.  This effort kept 8 Auditors busy, Full Time.  Even with 8 Auditors they were limited on the amount of Data that could be verified and keyed in within their combined 1,376 hours per month.  This was an intense job for the Auditors to be able to still maintain the Normal Industry Standard 3-5% human errors—which is, unfortunately, deemed "normal" and "acceptable" in Business.


  • Automation for Intelligent Capture of all Needed Data from 20,000 Freight Bills (average 80,000 pages of Data) per month
  • Automation for over 65,000 Freight Carriers in the US
  • Adjudication of Data with Back-End Systems
  • Integration with Business Intelligence Systems
  • Distribution of Data to numerous Internal and External Systems
  • Integration with Web-based Document Management System for quick look up and retrieval
  • Replace start to end processes that are labor intensive, error prone, costly and time consuming


  • High volume of paper and electronic Documents from multiple Diverse sources
  • Intense Diversity of Freight Bills from over 65,000 Freight Carriers in the US
  • Scanning and intense manual labor to match scanned Documents to BI System
  • Electronic Documents were being printed off, to then be scanned back in
  • Manual Data entry keyed in with high risk of errors
  • Large number of lost/missing Document exceptions
  • Lack of visibility, liability and control within BI System


BridgeSmart provided an automated End-to-End Solution that incorporated an A.I Smart Data Bridge from numerous input Sources to numerous output Destinations.  BridgeSmart provided IC (Intelligent Capture) , IDM (Intelligent Data Mining), IP(Intelligent Processing), II(Intelligent Integration), IM(Intelligent Merge) and ID(Intelligent Distribution) to achieve the end-to-end Needs of the Company.

The BridgeSmart Solution was designed to be extremely easy to use, enabling Documents to be immediately captured and entered into Process Workflows, making the documents available for viewing and processing by Auditors.  Freight Bills were separated and put into various queues for Auditors to process.

The BridgeSmart Solution was customized to provide three processing Levels to meet Company Needs:

  1. 1st Level: All Freight Bills that could be automatically validated via IDM, IP and II modules passed thru the System with NO Manual Intervention.
  2. 2nd Level: Other Freight Bills that meet Exception Algorithm Levels were sent in batches to an Exception Validation Queue.  Auditors simply clicked on a batch, viewed the image of the Freight Bill pages and let the system inform them of the exception(s).
    1. Because it's an exception based system, a few clicks later, the issue(s) were resolved and Freight Bill passed into Full Automation. Manual Labor might take a minute or less.
    2. BridgeSmart's A.I. automatically learned from each click of the Users to Train itself for every (similar) following Freight Bill to come. All done behind the scenes.
  3. 3rd Level: And, in the case that the Freight Bill was one of the "new" "first time" Freight Bills received from one of the 65,000 Freight Carriers; then several clicks later, the Users could immediately complete the initial Training of the System for every (similar) following Freight Bill to come.  Manual Labor might take two minutes or less. [With no additional Programming nor Intervention from SUNix, administrator(s) or other.]


  • BridgeSmart A.I. not only provided Powerful Automation, but also a Self-Learning Platform that automated handling the normal incoming Freight Bills, but also, could learn the other 65,000 Freight Carriers—in just a few clicks
    • The BridgeSmart Solution was Developed, System Tested w/Company IT and Deployed in less than 6 months
  • Achieved:
    • 85.24% Reduction in Labor
      • Within 3 months after Deployment
    • 677% Improvement in Productivity
    • ROI in 12.79 months
  • Reduced a 8 person Auditor job to a 1.5 person Auditor job—allowing 6.5 workers to be reallocated to other positions and/or allowing the Company to increase their Bottom Line handling additional Freight Bills by 577% w/o ever needing to hire another Auditor
  • Integration with BI resulting in end-to-end automation that reduces cycle times
  • Greatly Reduced errors and exceptions due to automated data entry
  • Simplified approval and verification for managers
  • 100% liability tracking and process transparency
  • Ended Printing of Electronic Documents to Scan back into System
    • Provided Direct Capture from all Sources
  • Major Reduction in paper and paper handling costs and accelerated the flow of Freight Bills
  • Major Reduction in accounts cycle times; which resulted in better cash flow control
  • Instant access to Clients’ information, billing, and payment Data, from any location
  • Instant access for authenticated Clients to view their attachments from Company website
  • Greater responsiveness and transparency throughout the end-to-end process
  • Better traceability of both Company and Client records
  • Accurate record keeping and improved customer service
  • Mitigated legal risks due to lost documents
  • Access to documents from anywhere, at any time
  • Capitalized on early payment discounts
  • Reduced late payment fees
  • Ensured regulatory compliance

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