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New, from the Industry Leaders in Real-Time Data Acquisition Processing in Operations Workflows, comes the, one and only, Industry Assembly and Distribution (A/D) Engine.

While Real-Time Data Acquisition Processing is Critical and Highly-Valued in most Operations; requests have been growing for something that goes beyond.

Many Operations need Non-Real-Time (ad hoc) Data Processing of documents at: End-of-Day (EOD), End-of-Week (EOW), End-of- Month (EOM), or as needed (whenever).

This is often the norm in many Operations, since typically, not all the documents needed to complete a particular operation come in nor exist at the same (real) moment in time.  Instead, they’re typically gathered over a period of time and, previously in the past, must be assembled, reviewed, evaluated, compared (to numerous sources) by sometimes a large quantity of Manual Labor by one or more Workers.

This has been accepted as the NORM in Operations — because “there’s just no other way to handle it”.  We’re aware of numerous Operations where (sometimes highly-paid) Workers spend hours, days and sometimes weeks assembling, sorting, analyzing and evaluating this data from the many gathered documents.  That's a High Cost of Labor and a waste of highly paid Talent.  Unfortunately, these are NOT one-time events — they happen, again and again, daily, weekly, monthly.


What if there was a way…that during Real-Time Data Acquisition Processing that an Intelligent System could be gathering, sorting, analyzing and evaluating these type documents and their associated data in the background w/o Manual Labor?  Waiting until all the needed documents arrived and then released and processed at their appropriate EOD, EOW, EOM, or as needed, times?

What if that Intelligent System could elevate a large portion of the normal High Cost of Labor by, not only gathering the needed data in advance, but also by providing a multi-level User-Friendly graphical image and data interface for the Workers to quickly review, adjust and release?

The SUNix answered w/the First in Industry Solutions:  Introducing the BridgePoint! Intelligent A/D Engine.  We have seen A/D case studies showing 85% to 95% relief of such Manual Labor.