Have you met the "Over-Promisers" and "Under-Deliverers"?  Those who just "Talk the talk"?  Have you worked with them?  Have you been "Stuck" with the results?  If you have, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Let me give you a short vivid example that was told to several of our employees by numerous sources in one deployment City.  The awareness gained is worth the Read.

There are two players in this story: a decent sized Company that we will call "Company R" who engaged a sizable Solution Provider, renowned in the Industry, which we'll call "Solution Provider K".

Company R had a massive glaring need to improve Operations.  They actually had a solution in place from several years ago, that was a decent "Trucking solution" that helped solve some issues, but were now looking to move into a Industry [renowned, state of the art] "Train/Train tracks solution" [refer to: Planes, Trains and Horse-Drawn Wagons].

Company R was sold on the new "Train/Train tracks solution", so they engaged Solution Provider K—at no small cost.  The promise: development to deployment in 6 months.  The Talk sounded good—a great Promise [even if close, eh?!].

Well, 6 months came and went and no deployment.  Months 7, 8 and 9 passed, still no deployment.  Wait.  A good excuse just came up.  Company R informs Solution Provider K that they'll be moving into another building (same city), so "we should wait" until the move is over to start deployment.  Whew?!?!  Solution Provider K just got a reprieve for their incompetence.

The story continues:  3 months later, the move is over.  All is settled.  So finally time for deployment, right?  It's only been 12 months?!  Yet, NOTHING happens.  Not in month 12 or 13 or 14 or 15 or all the way up to month 24.  What?!?!  All that was heard were excuses back and forth.  Why?  Who does business that way?!  Who puts up with business like that?!

Finally, month 24, deployment testing begins [not released].  That continues for about a month, but only with Company R's IT and a few key personal, but not with any of the actual Operations users.

Month 25, deployment is finally released to Operations.  [Only, 19 months late—no big deal, right?!]

So how did it work?  Half-a**ed, at best.  There were supposed to be 3 Major New Features, which would be good—kind of the idea of a new system.  But, of the 3 Major New Features, the first one works (kind of), the second is supposedly there, but no one knows how to use it, and the third, the largest sell point, being the backend communications into ERP and accounting systems, WHICH IS THE BIG TIME/COST SAVER, does NOT work!  Are you kidding?!

On top of that, some of the old "Trucking solution" features, that actually worked well in the original system and were extremely important to Operations were not added into this new and improved implementation.  Why?  Because Solution Provider K didn't interview the actual users to get their input before proposing and developing their design.  Do people actually believe that "one-sized fits all" "off the shelf" solutions really work in the real world?  Not those of us who actually live and operate in it.

Continuing: months 25, 26 and 27 passed and some of issues with the first and second Major New Features were addressed—even though breakage continued to happen, as loads increased.  Still nothing with the third Major New Feature—and no word on when that feature will (ever) arrive.  On top of that, still nothing with implementing the old working, needed "Trucking solution" features.

All that was heard were excuses, excuses, excuses.  What's almost worse:  there were even excuses being made by Company R for Solution Provider K.  What's up with that?!

Anyone can "Talk the talk"—we understand that.  We've seen many who are "Over-Promisers and Under-Deliverers".

That's why years ago, we adopted the policy to "Under-Promise and Over-Deliver" our "Jet Cargo Plane solutions" [again, refer to: Planes, Trains and Horse-Drawn Wagons].

We don't just talk the talk, we "Walk the walk".  We have a history of not only delivering on time in our commitments, but also, Over-Delivering on the products and services themselves.  We not only interview Company R's IT and key personal, but also the actual Operations users to gain perspective.  We also plan for the contingency that when we get to deployment [on time], no matter how much preplanning and preparation was made, there may still be a gap between the designed results and the expectations and perceptions of the client when they actually get their hands on the new system. Therefore, we calculate that there may need to be a 10% to 20% adjustment made at deployment to close that gap.  And, we do that at NO additional cost.

Personally, we would NEVER put up with a 6 month development to deployment taking 27 months and neither should you!

Isn't it time you engaged a quality Industry Solution Provider and found a "Jet Cargo Plane solution" for your Company?