Managing or handling Operations could be analogous to moving critical business information from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic.  One Ocean of data to another Ocean of data and back again.  With only one "minor problem": 3,000 miles of land in-between!

In the evolution of Operations, that "land mass" has been traversed for generations by intensive manual labor, "on foot".  A long tedious process.  Mostly successful, if Time, Labor and Costs are not important issues.  And, of course, if there are no perils along the way.  Actually, these kinds of Operations are unacceptable to most.

Management's Achilles' heel.

Therefore, Management has spent many long hours and very high costs trying to improve Operations.  Their answer: "The Horse-Drawn Wagon".  Yes, it did improve the process.  But it was still Slow, Costly, didn't resolve the Perils and was still unacceptable.

So along came Operation Process Solution Companies.  In their evolution, they introduced: the Pony Express—that can deliver a couple saddle bags of mail within a week.  Then, stagecoaches, that could deliver more, in the same timeframe.  Over time, they introduced cars and trucks, that could deliver even larger amounts of data, more quickly.  Now-a-days, in the Peak of their Evolution, they've finally succeeded to advance into cross-country trains.  Even high-speed trains.

Trains can carry a lot, in a reasonable time (if 2-3 days works for you), but are limited to moving on dedicated tracks.  Initially, there are (extremely) high costs and time to build a cross-country train track in Operations.  It seemed like a really good idea, at the time—powerful engine, moving a lot of data, in a reasonable time—the Best you can get.  And, that worked "ok" in the beginning, if you only needed to send data on single-existing tracks, for example, between L.A. to N.Y. City.  But, what if you need some of that data sent to Seattle or Miami or Atlanta or Denver or Cleveland or Reno or Chattanooga or wherever?  Oh well, add a lot of additional (extremely) high costs and time to build more and more and more and more tracks.  Oh, by the way, don't forget that you'll need to buy more and more and more and more dedicated trains to run on those new dedicated tracks.  Oh well, "that's just the price of doing business" with "state of the art solution providers"!  Right?!

That's where we came in.  We took our time.  We studied the supposed "state of the art" solutions and figured out where their models went wrong.  We saw that some had engines out there that had real potential for power—but unfortunately, most of those engines were not encompassed properly and were without proper direction—therefore, they roared loudly, but covered little ground.  A great engine, by itself, is not enough.  Our architects developed proper Long-Lasting Cost-Effective Future-Looking Solutions that encompassed the Best of the Best, along with our own Extraordinary One-of-a-Kind Unparalleled Industry-Leading BridgeSmart Engines and Workflow Management System.

In view of this analogy, we're the only Solution Provider that brings Unlimited Jet Cargo Planes—in various sizes, depending upon the need—that travel from any Airport to any Airport and back—quickly and proficiently.  Making the Most-Efficient, Time-Saving, Cost-Effective Bridging Solutions to move data from Coast to Coast and everywhere in-between.  As a matter of fact, our BridgeSmart Solutions even provide the Airports and air-ground support, as needed.

If that isn't enough to get you to switch, all by itself, we’re also able to clearly show that in most average-sized Operations, our Solutions not only provide the ROI to justify replacing the old Horse-Drawn Wagons, but even the most expensive of Trains.

Isn't it time you found out for yourself?