The Truth versus Perception, as seen in, Our System versus Theirs.

Introducing our New 5, 10 and 25 user Workgroup version of our renowned Enterprise BridgeView!Content Management System (CMS).  Based on our Industry-Leading BridgeView!CMS Engine, one of the fastest

most-powerful Document Management Systems available, today.

As browser users, we're all familiar with the nearly instantaneous full-text Google searches.  In one way, we're wowed—retrieving so many results so fast.  Then in another way, we may eventually become frustrated—retrieving 100's of thousands or millions of results for the subject we're searching.  For example, if we search for a recipe on how to "bake a ham", Google returns: "About 10,000,000 results".  But, honestly, who in the world is going to look thru 10 million results—NO ONE!  Most will only look on the 1st, 2nd or maybe the 3rd pages (displaying only 10 results each).  They’ll then click on and explore the recipes on the associated websites.  They’ll either accept one of the recipes on those pages or formulate a new search request which will then return millions more results to search through again.  Eventually, one recipe is chosen for dinner.

So while the perception of Google search is fast, the actual process of finding "an exact" or "the best" recipe is nearly impossible.  This part of the overall process can be very slow.  People can spend large amounts of time trying to find something "exact".  Eventually they settle for something … "good enough".

This process is probably "OK" for personal searching—such as, when you're baking a ham.  But is UNACCEPTABLE for Business.  What good is a full-text search, like Google, when a Business needs to find EXACT documents matching specific criteria?  Not much.

Our Industry-Leading browser-based "Search within the Search" Index Searching quickly drills through 10's of thousands or millions of documents to find a specific document with the specific information you're looking for.  It's done by our "search as you type" Index Search—searching again and again, automatically drilling down through the results as they are returned.  So while the initial key-in might return a million results, the 2nd key-in may return 100 thousand results.  The 3rd key-in may return 10 thousand results.  The 4th key-in may return 1 thousand results.  The 5th key-in may return 100 results.  The 6th key-in may return 10 results.  The 7th key-in may return only 1 or 2 results.  Meaning: you and your people can find EXACT documents in a matter of SECONDS.  Now that's powerful!

This same power now exists in the low-cost BridgeView!CMS Workgroup version.  Because, the simple fact is, it's built on the same platform as the Enterprise version.  This not only gives Workgroup the same powerful Engine, but also, allows for a seamless migration to Enterprise, as your Business needs evolve in the years to come.

So, for now, if your Business does not need unlimited-users, Full-Automation, numerous other Engines, associated Advanced Features and Connectivity to other Systems; then the low-cost BridgeView!CMS Workgroup is the answer for you.