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Logistics Operations Center

"We looked at many different systems during our research stage over a span of several years - some that cost less,

some that cost more - but we were not impressed by any of them. SUNix gave us exactly what we needed, when No one else could. "

“To complement our audit and payable systems, SUNix developed a custom document scanning system for us. It takes carriers that don’t support EDI, but still use freight bills in paper format. SUNix’s BridgeSmart Intelligent Data Mining takes data and information from paper bills, converts it to EDI format and then auto populates our back-end systems in real time. Now, literally 100 percent of the bills that go through our audit system get an attempt for an electronic resolution which provides additional, efficient and secure freight audit for our clients. In comparison to our competition, our audit payables give our clients visibility to scan documents, tear-up information and the dynamics that led to the cost of the shipment. Our competitors typically only have a freight audit and auto payment, while ours puts the control back with the client. This development with SUNix was a major investment and partnership. We usually develop things in-house but we realized we needed SUNix’s expertise to develop this technology for and with us.”

M33 Integrated Solutions

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IT & Operations Integration

"The customized solution we were provided is bar none the best I’ve seen. Training new documents is fast and easy and the OCR continues to impress by

reading characters that at times I have a hard time making out. Top notch software from top notch people."

"Also, in a matter of months, the BridgeSmart reduced one of our more intense labor components from 8 people to 1.5 people--giving us an unbelievable ROI of over 400% per month. This is not only giving us tremendous savings, but has allowed us to reallocate the saved labor component w/o hiring as we continue to grow. Reducing manual labor costs would be valuable anytime, but in this current economy it's crucial."

IT Director
M33 Integrated Solutions


International Manufacturing Company


"BridgeSmart is very fast and flexible. My searches are completed so quickly it is almost instantaneous. I enjoy using the improved interface, and my users find it to be intuitive and efficient. Need I say more?"

IT Manager



"The power of the BridgeSmart’s Intelligent Data Mining to extract data

from our scanned documents and process it is amazing. Our departments love the ease of use of SmarTickets to handle the rest of our major document overload. With BridgeSmart there's no more searching for missing or misplaced files or 'did someone take the file and not put it back' - it's always in the HUB and immediately available to everyone!"

IT Director

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Manufacturing Distribution Center

"Your system not only met our needs, but you're always there for us with excellent support... Our business centers around and depends upon your products..."

Operations Manager


Healthcare Operation Center

"We'd made a large investment in another Document Imaging system, several years previous,

because of the daily load of medical forms that we need to process... this system was very disappointing, in that it could only extract 20-50% of the data from the documents with no validation with our backend systems - leaving a large amount of data that needed to be validated and entered manually... BridgeSmart is night and day different from our old system... BridgeSmart 's accuracy on the exact same documents is 95% or above with validation - leaving a very small portion that must be done manually - increasing efficiency and reducing costs!"

Operations Management

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Insurance Center

"BridgeSmart is a critical part of our Business Disaster Recovery plan..."



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