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[woocommerce_cart_notice name='Save 35 Yearly Update'][tabs] [tab title=" Product Description " start=open] The Life Blood of Operations are incoming/outgoing documents.  And, in this day and age, almost all are Electronic.  [Even though paper documents still exist, most everyone wants to Scan them into electronic images, in hopes they become more usable.]
  1. Emails & Attachments
  2. Desktop Files
  3. Web Documents
  4. Faxed Documents -> Captured electronically & sent to Email
  5. Paper Documents -> Scanned into images
Now that we have that flood of incoming Electronic Data, the 'Age old Question' is "What do we do with it?"We have great Accounting Systems, ERP Systems, BI Systems, Internal Systems, etc.But Most of these Powerful Systems have the same problem: how to Automate getting that Electronic Data into them, without error.BSAutoCapture allows you to quickly create Menus that empower your people to 'Right-Click' on Documents and Automatically send them directly to your diverse Enterprise Servers for Accounting, ERP, BI, Internal Systems, current or new workflows and more.[/tab] [tab title=" Quantity Pricing "]

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PAID SUBSCRIPTION of License(s) entitle you to unlimited Updates and Support during Subscription period.

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Financing options may be available for Purchases of 100 or more Licenses with credit approval. Updates and Support would then be on additional yearly Subscription.

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