What’s the difference in standard DMS, CMS, ECMS compared to BridgeSmart WMS?

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Today, many Business Organizations are discussing the terms “Document Management Systems (DMS)”, “Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)”, Content Management Systems (CMS) and Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS) to help solve their business needs. BridgeSmart WMS is the most comprehensive solution available. BridgeSmart WMS goes far beyond the many EDMS and ECM systems of today w/our modular “Workflow Management Systems” (WMS) to bring desired, as well as, required Solutions to your Organization.

Many EDMS and ECM systems of today can simply be ‘fancy’ Document Storage and Retrieval Repositories. While having a good Repository should be a standard part of any quality system, it cannot be the main focus or the only focus. Also, ‘fancy’ user interfaces that look good on the outside, but do not provide substance or value, are just fluff. Many systems “talk the talk” or “sell the talk” as Industry-Leading automation systems, but in reality are extremely manual and labor intensive. Which then, instead of reducing operating costs as promised, can affect increased labor and operational costs.

Unlike the many EDMS and ECM systems of today, BridgeSmart WMS can automatically capture critical business data. Data extracted from internally created documents, web portal documents, incoming emails, faxes, and many diverse types of scanned-in documents via our Industry-Leading IDM (Intelligent Data Mining) software. Validating and adjudicating critical business data with our Industry-Leading IVS (Intelligent Validation Station) software. Then routing that critical data to the correct department, initiating selected “business processes workflows”, “collaborative user workflows” and writing many backend software systems. All accomplished while automatically indexing and storing the documents in a central repository for easy and quick retrieval. Through these automated, intelligent and integrated processes your business can become more efficient, more productive and effectively lower overall costs.

BridgeSmart WMS can automatically and simultaneously email, fax, print, FTP, EDI and FileSecure business documents for your clients with little or no user intervention via individually defined workflows. It can capture the print data streams from your proprietary software. It can capture many diverse scan streams from integrated Imagers. Based on associated profiles, it can automatically process, index and store many documents directly into most proprietary software, with no manual intervention required .

Unlike the many EDMS and ECM systems of today, BridgeSmart WMS can truly integrate previously disconnected manual processes—going far beyond the standard view of just document storage and retrieval.

BridgeSmart WMS is different in all respects. It brings true automation, power and intelligence “that can tie your world together”.

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