BridgeSmartTM Solution costs can vary from the very cheap to what some might consider expensive. Yet, NONE have EVER proven expensive when in view of the ROI and Value-Added to the Company Bottom Line.

Let's start with the cheap.

With the current Limited-Time Offer, Companies can Save up to & get a 78.8% Discount off MSRP.

Therefore, BridgeSmart can Cost as little as $298/month providing

primary Smart Data Bridges and BridgeView!CMS for a Company. At this level, the Solution would provide fundamental Intelligent Capture and Intelligent Distribution for one Department1. Initializing its New Industry-Leading Super Conduction, A.I.

Automating the capture of Email, Fax2, FTP, Web and Scan Data with potentially little or no manual intervention required. Adding this Data into new Work Queues to enhance Company processes and Workforce productivity.

At completion of the Work Queue processes, the Solution automatically Names, Indexes and Stores those documents directly into our Powerful Industry-Commanding Workgroup BridgeView!CMS (Content Management System) for quick and easy Intranet, Internet and Extranet access.

Finally, automating fundamental Distribution options routing Internally created documents, Externally created documents, Web portal documents, incoming Emails, Faxes and FTP to the correct Departments and Users with little or no manual intervention required. And, automatically and simultaneously, Broadcasting outputs via Email, Fax2, Print, FTP or Website Portal with no manual intervention required.

That's a heck of a lot of punch and power for so few dollars.

So where can BridgeSmart grow from there?

Because BridgeSmart is modular, no matter where your Company starts, you can grow it into any level needed over time.

Moving from the more simplistic Workgroup level, above, to the extremely customizable Enterprise levels. Adding any number of the Intelligent modules that increase integration and productivity. With too many variations to elaborate in one Post3. Bringing numerous levels of increased automation and cost savings.

After in-depth evaluations and precise customizations for Companies, we have Enterprise level Solutions that can cost from a couple thousand dollars per month, that in turn SAVE Tens of Thousands per month; to Solutions that can cost over ten thousand per month, that in turn SAVE Hundreds of Thousands per month. The Average Savings for covered Operations is over 80%.

And with the 30-Day No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee and 5-Year Assurance Guarantee how can you go wrong implementing BridgeSmart Smart Data Bridge Solutions for your Company?

Maybe, only by waiting?

1 Certain limitations apply. Contact your BridgeSmart representative for details.

2 Assuming certain Fax hardware or software in place.

3 Contact your BridgeSmart representative to discuss your Company's particular needs and Solutions.